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General Rules(These rules are for the forum too)

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Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
1st: Don't insult others. That goes with Racism and anything that can hurt someone. 10% warning each time. Though, if you are Role playing, your pokemon/trainer can insult other RP characters, if your pokemon/trainer is like that. Respect others when you are talking to them.

2nd: You can have two accounts. You can have a maximum of two characters for each account. 10% If you create 3 accounts. If one of your siblings wanna register too, tell one mod by PM. You can't catch one of your characters(5%)

3rd:Your icon must not be bigger than 200x400 (5%)

4th: No SMS(10%). Try to write correctly. Yes you can make some mistakes, we're not all native English... But you can still do your best(look at me, I'm not native english,and?)

5th: Respect the story[LINK]. Don't get yourself a Spirit because you feel like it, if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see one, but only me can let you meet a Spirit(10%)

6th: You don't have the right to find a legend randomly like this. If you are, again lucky enough to find a legend, I'll tell you.(5%)

7th: If you want your character to have something special(like being able to talk with humans when you are a pokemon), just tell me at the end of your character sheet, I'll tell you if it's okay.


9th: Stay with your character. If your character is evil, it won't help anyone for no reason.

10th: Your character is not a God(Even if you are Arceus) You can't escape all moves or choose if your move did hit. Surehit moves (Swift)always hit, but still. If you are a Fire type, don't forget you won't go underwater ... That's like basic.

11th: You can have more than one RP at the same time with one character.
12th: You must do at least 3 lines of text everytime you post(RP wise) 3 lines is not a lot, but if you've got trouble, describe your feeling, how you're looking today, just add tons of useless things that will make the RP live more.

13th: Shinies are rare, don't always find one.

14th: Spam is not allowed.(1st,warning,2nd 5%)

15th.If your first character file is pokemon, your second on this account must be a pokemon too. Same for trainers.

16th: Wait for an admin to accept your file by replying before RPing

17th:No porn thing or anything like that.100%

18th: Register your character file with the proper registration form.

19th: No advertising for other forums or websites unless permitted by an admin.


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