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Amnesia and the Feared Hunters of Oceanview City (anyone join)

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Getting the Spam Attitude
A Shaymin was found lying on a beach, woken by the crashing waves "*cough* *cough* W-Where am i? What is this place" The Shaymin was scared and confused. The young Shaymin started walking. Suddenly he saw a city closeby, he dashed as fast as he could, wanting answers to his confusion. As he entered the city unnoticed, he walked around a while and saw 3 suspicous looking men, he was about to go over and talk to them until he saw them caputing a small eevee with a dark looking pokeball. the man who caught the eevee then sent it out, the eevee was a lot taller and significantly more powerful, except it looked angry, it looked as if it was a demon from hell. The man had a sadistic grin on his face, he spotted the Shaymin and ordered the fearful Eevee to attack him. The Shaymin didnt know what to do, he ran away as fast as he could. He was being followed by the eevee and the 3 humans when he suddenly crashed into a humans legs.


Stephie's Minion
Danie was walking in Oceanview City. He din't like the big, busy city. And then he walked towards the sea.
When he was walking, suddenly a Shaymin ran into his legs! When he was just about to ask it why it ran into his legs he thought: Why does it run into my legs? And who are these guys who are chasing it? Maybe they're evil guys? And whats that big evil-looking eevee? Maybe I just have to run!
And he did.

What with that Shaymin? Maybe i should help it? ... Wait a minute! A Shaymin! In the city? Something must be wrong. He walked back, took the Shaymin up, and put it in his bag.
Then he ran and ran...


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