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The Dark Rayquaza: Abyss

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1 The Dark Rayquaza: Abyss on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:21 pm


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Name: Abyss
Species: Rayquaza
Physical Difference: Dark with an erie spirit.
Psychology: Survival. A word on every pokemon's tongue (so to speak.) Abyss, however, has never known survival. Abyss has never needed to know this skill. Abyss is kind to those whom share his goals. To those who he does not particulary agree with though, well, no one has ever survived the situation. Abyss seems cruel to those who don't understand his goals, but those that are enlightened, find him quite agreeable, argueably they see him as a savior. Abyss isn't trying to spread a religion or lifestyle, merely an idea. The forces of the Abyssal Lands are strong. Why deal with petty worldly issues when you can aim for the sky; The Abyss could give you the power to do so. Some would call his methods unorthodox, which they certainly are, but those who embrace the reformation of power could benefit in this world and in the next.
Story: At birth could you expect Abyss to be weak. No, Abyss was strong, as were the other who were born in the Abyssal Lands. As a young Abyssal "Citizen" you would have to survive harsh training programs and live through a tormented lifestyle. Abyss didn't know this. As I previously stated, Abyss never knew survival. Abyss was the first Rayquaza to be born in 700 years. He was royalty. He was hated by peasants, but loved by nobels. However Abyss's parents had died many years ago. He had no family to claim him. Every group of nobles wanted him. Eventually after years of fighting, Abyss was claimed by a group of Demons of the Abyss, and proclaimed Abyss, protecter of the Abyssal Lands. Abyss wasn't normal though. He studied ancient works, and treasties, learning, gathering knowledge. The Demons wanted no more to do with him, and since they had been using the young Rayquaza as a figurehead for years, they banished him and called themselves ruler of the Abyssal Lands. Abyss was forced up to the surface where he fought off horrible creatures for many years. With that fighting experience behind him and his great knowledge behind him, he conquered and plundered the small village of Araah. Finally Abyss's Dark powers began to be honed and soon Abyss was a force of terror and distruction. However, at the height of his power Abyss was attacked by a large force of Latios and was defeated. Abyss was tired. He lie down to rest for several decades, restoring his lost power (he had taken injuries that would be fatal to nearly any creature on the planet.) Finally Abyss has risen once more, ready to retake his lost glory, and conquer the known, and unknown, world.
Starting area: Arnya, at the Abyssal Rift of Flames.
Anything Else: There is one abyssal rift in each land, connecting the upper world where pokemon roam happily, to the Abyss, where all land stinks of death and destruction.
Abyssal Rift of Flames: Arnya
The Northern Rift: Blastia
Charred Path: Charnia
Abyssal Rift of Sand: Dintria

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Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN

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