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Jeremy, evil human in search of power

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1 Jeremy, evil human in search of power on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:58 pm


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RP Name: Jeremy, his last name is unknown
Trainer Experience:Jeremy is a really experienced trainer. He've got a Dark Raichu, A dark Venusaur, A Dark Typhlosion, a Dark Gengar and a Dark Gyarados.
Physical Appearance(2 lines): Jeremy have short brown hair(a new haircut =D). He's always wearing a Black Jacket, with Dark Pants. He's not afraid of getting his clothes wet as with some power, he can easy change his clothes(teleporting to his house,then reteleporting where he was.)It's rare to see wet and dirty clothes on him so. His eyes are Brown, but when you look in them, it's pure evil.
Psychology(3 lines): Jeremy is evil. There's nothing much to say. All he wants his power. HE even took his father spot(Rocket Leader) to get more strength. Though, he was finding them too weak. He's looking for a stronger force. He wants to rule the world of Haze. He's also afraid of water. His Gyarados is there to help him cross rivers,lakes etc. He only catches pokemons with Dark Ball he stole from Team Rocket.
Story(10 lines): Son of Giovanni and brother of Silver, Jeremy always lived in the darkness. He was evil, even as a child. At the trainer school, he was hated, but feared by everyone. When he grew old enough, he joined Team Rocket, planning to do more evil things than Team Rocket already did. HE was the stronger of the Grunts when he joined, so his father, Giovanni, made him get up to the Rank of Executive within one month. As an executive, Jeremy took some of the Scientist to some Power Plant, in Arnya. his father's plan was to create a Rocket Base in every region other than Blastia. Though, Jeremy had bigger plans and that's why that instead of only Grunts, he took scientists as well. In that Power Plant, he made the scientists create a machine for creating Dark Pokemons . A family of Umbreon were first used to test the machine. it turned out well. Meanwhile, Jeremy brought a Mewtwo, but he couldn't make him go in the machine, but the Mewtwo stayed with him. When Mewtwo discovered how evil was Jeremy, he ran away, leaving Jeremy with a special power, teleportation. Then,Jeremy tried the child of the Umbreons, a small Eevee. But before the "darkization" was complete, the Eevee ran away. Jeremy then tried to find him. With that machine, the scientists created Dark Balls, which turns pokemon dark when they are caught. Unable to find his eevee, Jeremy came back and "Darkified" all his pokemon. He stole some DarkBalls then returned on his Eevee hunt. He met some weak girl, in his opinion, called Trina, who was a spy in Team Galactic. He then learned that his Eevee probably turned into a Leafeon by himself. When he came back to the PowerPlant, everything was destroyed. Seeing how weak were these Rockets, he left Team Rocket and headed back to Blastia, where he heard a strange Leafeon was seen. In his opinion, that Leafeon was worth it... Half Darkified, able to transform by himself, it could be used by many ways.
Starting area: Blastia
Anything else:Can Teleport wherever he's been before.

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