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Abyssal Rift of Flames (History)

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1 Abyssal Rift of Flames (History) on Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:38 pm


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The first of the rifts to be created. This rift was originally created by Dark Charizard, whom were expelled to the Abyss by the Arnyian King. These Charizard were forced to live in the Abyss for many generations, and began developing strange traits over time from long exposure to the heat and fumes of the Abyss. Finally after generations they had turned from a small band of rogue Charizard into a force worthy of conquering great lands. They were anxious to see the sky and fly around again, which their group hadn't been able to do for several generations. Finally the Dark Charizard united and blasted through the amazingly hard bedrock to the true world once again, after digging and burning for 3 years. However when they finally got up they couldn't fly more than 5 feet in the air. The abyss had changed them. They were no longer Dark Charizard, but Abyssal Charizard. To this day, the Abyssal Charizard guard this Rift, allowing all Abyssal creatures through, killing normal pokemon and humans who try and pass through, since they were the ones who expelled them to that terrible place.

Species: Abyssal Charizard
Age: 400-600 years old
Current Condition: Opened. Sealed.

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