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Charred Path History

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1 Charred Path History on Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:56 pm


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This place was always an ideal place for a rift, as the bedrock was extremely weak here. However, it was the third rift to be made, since no until around 100 years ago, there was never a need for rifts. One day a Dark Salamance and a Abyssal Salamance fell in love (via letters) (around 300 years ago.) Since no one from the Abyss was aloud to come up to the true world, the Dark Salamance had to go down into the Abyss to meet his beautiful future wife. It took him one year to finally arrive at the area, since the other rifts were far away from the area of the Abyss below Olraftica (old name for Charnia.) They fell in love, but they were soon forced to leave the Abyss (for unknown reasons.) They didn't want to have to spend one year leaving again, so they decided to go into hiding. In there hiding place they happened to discover extremely soft bedrock, which was easy to blast through, especially for two salamance. They burned through the bedrock *which was flamable, later historians concluded that this bedrock was actually clay* swiftly and went to the true world. However the true world didn't welcome them, so they decided to stay in their rift. Their children were not dark, nor abyssal, but hybrids, known as brutal species (Brutal Salamance.) The brutal salamance have stayed as guardians of the rift, allowing only Dragon types pass. They also allow Brutal species to pass with guests, as they think highly of their brotherin.
Species: Brutal Salamance
Age: 250-300 years old.
Condition: Open for Dragon types, or Brutal Species + their guests.

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