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Types of Pokemon

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1 Types of Pokemon on Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:12 pm


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1st Generation: Normal- Normal Pokemon Dark- Dark Pokemon Abyssal- Pokemon who have lived in the Abyss for many years.
2nd Generation: Brutal- Cross of Dark and Abyssal Enlightened- Cross of Abyssal and Normal (Dark crossed with normal gives 50% dark 50% normal.
Special: Shiny: Rare condition where a Normal is crossed with an Enlightened. Shadow- *Shiny type 2* Rare condition where Dark and Brutal are crossed.

Normal: Extremely Common
Dark: Common
Abyssal: Extremely common in Abyss, Extremely rare outside of the Abyss.
Brutal: Very Rare.
Enlightened: Very Rare (slightly rarer than brutal).
Shiny: Extremely Extremely Extremely Rare
Shadow: Extremely Extremely Rare.

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