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Northern Rift History

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1 Northern Rift History on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:06 pm


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The Northern Rift was originally a barren and usually frozen area. This all changed when a tiny meteor struck, making the land dry and sandy. Many ground type pokemon rushed to the new land, predominantly sandslash. Over time these burrowing sandslash burrowed far enough into the ground (sandslash burrow, which was outlawed in civilzed areas, so they burrowed here) to accidently create a rift. The sandslash intented to stay in the land, and become guardians of the new rift, but after 50 years, the climate had began to change and become cold and wet again. This change drove the sandslash away. Abyssal creatures began to use this glorius oppertunity to come up and reak havoc on the true world. This was something the Kingdom of Blastia didn't want to see happen. They divised a genius plan. They would seal the rift with a whirlpool, a strong one. One that only a master water type pokemon could stop. And since there was no master water type pokemon in the Abyss, Blastia was safe.

Species: Unknown, if any.
Age: 450-500 years old.
Current Condition: Sealed with a whirlpool that only a master water pokemon may attempt to open.

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