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Abyss's Pillaging Journey

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1 Abyss's Pillaging Journey on Thu May 27, 2010 10:54 pm


Nothing Achieved(New member)
All was quiet. It was just one of those nights; One of those deathly quiet nights. There was a cool breeze coming in from the east. The land was peaceful, but somewhat mysterious.

I came across a large industrial building. It appeared valueable, but old. No matter, it would be profitable anyway, no matter to what degree.

I blasted the upper windows and flew inside. What I came across was..... unusual. Electrivire were standing guard to a temple. It was clearly not meant to be found. The murky exterior was clearly to cover the extravagent inside. But why? It seemed to be a holy shrine area. There was a temple in the distance.

I was attacked. I dodged quickly and disabled the guards. Then I continued on. The guards had to be guarding something. What I came across was..... unsettling.

It was Zapdos.


The intial shock was huge. I nearly blew out of the temple. All of the windows shattered. Zapdos sent a drill peck to me but a perried with iron tail. I sent a hyper beam out, but it was dodged and countered with a huge Thunderbolt. I dodged but I was tired. It was time to end this.


If the windows were repaired, they would have been blasted apart again. Zapdos took a strong blast, but not a direct hit. He countered with a shock wave. I took it directly. It was time to retreat. At a later date I would come here and kill that heathen. When I wasn't already exhausted beforehand.

2 Re: Abyss's Pillaging Journey on Mon May 31, 2010 8:04 pm


Nothing Achieved(New member)
I have to come here. I have no choice. Even if I do not want that to happen, I have to. All the memories about here... It's terrible. We did terrible things here... But... it's not enough. I want more power than that! I need to! And... the thing I'm searching is here. I know it. I have to get that power. There was still that thing. That thing... that we used to transform normal pokemons to dark pokemons. I need that to be stronger. That's why I'm here but... it's looking weird. The Power Plant took some damage... I wonder why. What could have been done here? Is that thing still here?

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