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More Advanced Posting Techniques

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1 More Advanced Posting Techniques on Sun May 30, 2010 12:12 pm


Nothing Achieved(New member)
Okay, Abyss here again. For those of you who don't think colors are cool I will show you a few more tricks to use....

Here is one of my favorites to do. First type something in:

Abyss is cool.

Now "highlight' it with your mouse (I think you know what I mean) and click others on the top bar above where you type. It is right by the colors tab. Then choose vertical scrolling. If you did it right it should turn out like this:

Abyss is cool.

[scroll]Abyss is cool.[/scroll]

Even inside of the scrollingness you can add the basic posting techniques as well.

Abyss is cool.

[scroll][i][color=cyan]Abyss is cool[/color][/i].[/scroll]

Abyss dies at the end.

Click on the Spoiler:. It reveals a spoiler. In this case this spoiler is not true, but if you ever spoil something publically then you can use this. PLUS IT'S YELLOW!

[spoiler]Abyss dies at the end. [/spoiler]

To do this type in some text:

Abyss loves you!

Then highlight it with the mouse and click on others then spoiler. If you suceeded then it should turn out like so:

Abyss loves you!

[spoiler]Abyss loves you![/spoiler]

Note: You can also do these commands manually by typing:


And inserting the text you desire into it.

I will let you play around with the other others by yourself. One other little trick is to change the text size and/or text font. Simply type something, like so:

The nanny named Fran.

Then highlight the text and click on the text size/font changer buttons (both are adjacent to the color changer) then choose the option that your heart desires.

The nanny named Fran

This statement isn't bolded, it is actually a different font.

[size=24][font=Impact]The nanny named Fran[/font][/size]

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Tom Cruise

The first was bolded the second were fonts. Number two was Impact font and the third was Arial Black.

[b]Tom Cruise [/b]                    [font=Impact]Tom Cruise[/font]            [font=Arial Black]Tom Cruise[/font]

I hope this quenchs your thirst for knowledge. Happy Posting

EDIT BY BOB: I just added code areas through the whole text to show how it would you like while you Are writing(or if you wanna do this manually) =D

By the way to do codes like this, do like the other things Abyss said and just click the Code button.

Here's an example with a bold : This is an example

[b]This is an example[/b]

And if you want to do it manually by typing:

[code][b]This is an example[/b][/code]

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2 Re: More Advanced Posting Techniques on Mon May 31, 2010 7:55 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Added some Codes in there for easier understanding for some people AND moved to OFFICIAl. Nice job.

(If you don't like the edit you can remove it)


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