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Character Template

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1 Character Template on Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:11 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Easy enough, here's what you must take for your Character File
Don't forget to read rules before making a character

If you are a Pokemon
RP name: (ex:Bob)
Physical difference:(Ex:Sometimes dark)
Psychology(3 lines):(How your character acts)
Story(10 lines):
Anything else:(EX: Special powers etc...

If you are a trainer
RP Name(ex:Jeremy)
Trainer Experience(Beginner,what pokemon you have)
Physical Appearance(2 lines)(You can also put an icon)
Psychology(3 lines)(How do you act)
Story(10 lines)
Anything else:(Anything you want to add)

And also, for now on, just a bit of personal information so we can know you better =D Everyone that already made their own character file won't have to do this.

Personnal information:
How did you find Pokemon Haze:
Things you want to say about you:


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