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Lost Pokemon FOUND

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51 Re: Lost Pokemon FOUND on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:41 pm


((hehe your right I'll say emperor next time))

*This purple weakling thinks that he can scare me with that hideous glare...It's a bit scary I have to admit, but I still have to seem strong..* Piplup thought to himself. Once Timpani got on, he looked at her and said, "My master lives in the apartment area in Floria City. However, she might not be there. He paused for a 'dramatic effect.' "You can drop me off there. This seating is very uncomfortable anyhow. It's not fit for an emperor like me." Piplup pat Ditto's back, a little scared of what Ditto might do to him, but showing no fear whatsoever.


52 Re: Lost Pokemon FOUND on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:15 pm


Getting the Spam Attitude
Tiny was simply floating up in the sky watching as all this happened knowing that they all forgot he was there. Tiny got annoyed since Timpani took away his opponent and got Piplup, while Tiyn just sat and done nothing so he flew rapidly anoud then went over the ditto/gyrados and picked Piplup up "Wassap Piplup, so when we headin? that dude was wanting to head over towards Blastia but were closer to Arnyia, but right now im SUPER HYPER, so cmon where we going" Tiny felt excited that he was able to do something useful and fun again "OR OR OR, i could finish of that guy's pokemon who kidnapped you, itll be easy i wont even need to attack him to win, he should run away at the sight of our power and awsomeness" Tiny was flying in circles asking Piplup these Questions

53 Re: Lost Pokemon FOUND on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:23 pm


Defender of Chosen Ones
Defender of Chosen Ones
156... 157... 158...

Ginter continued counting slowly in his head. He thought about adding an extra 100 seconds to his count, but he decided against it. He figured it would be safe after 300, and even if it wasn't, he could probably escape either way.

Ginter finally reached 300 seconds and left his cave. He found the former "Battle Ground" empty. Ginter hoped that that trainer was honest. And either way, his spiritomb was with her to make sure things wouldn't go wrong.

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