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Roxas the wandering Trainer

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1 Roxas the wandering Trainer on Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:46 am


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RP name:Roxas
Trainer Experience: is a beginner. He's good at battling, the only pokemon he trains is his Buizel and Pikachu.

Physical Appearance: he has blonde spiky hair, blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight. He usually wears black or white jackets he dont like hats but sometimes he wear sunglasses to look cool.

Psychology:Roxas can act cool and only cares about himself. The second thing he cares about is his two pokemon, he dont like talking to other pokemon trainers and he don't like making friends.When someone starts to bully him or his pokemon he starts to go aggressive and attacks them.

Story: When Roxas was young he got bullied by two people he didnt know who they were. He told his parents what happened but then a incident with the bullies that kept hurting him used Houndoom's that burned his parents and knocked him into the river.While he was beginning to drown a Buizel saved him from drowning and a Pikachu confronted him.one Week later he saw some police people next to his house saying that two adults have been scorched and died while a boy gone missing. A year later it's his 12th birthday a professor came to his house telling him your one of the chosen pokedex holders,Roxas pushed him out of the way and ran to the river and jumped in hoping that he would drown. Then Buizel saved him and Pikachu once again confronted him. He asked the Pokemon if they wanted to join him on his quest to find the people that killed his parents they nodded happily as he didnt have any poke balls or a pokedex he went to the next place he could see and started his new journey.

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Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
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