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Chosen Champion; Timpani!

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1 Chosen Champion; Timpani! on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:59 pm


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RP Name: Timpani Song
Trainer Experience: Former Sinnoh E4 Champion. Her Pokémon are: Dragonair, Ditto, Gardevoir, Riolu, Pikachu and Milotic.
Physical Appearance: Timpani has long, brown hair that often covers one of her bright hazel eyes. She wears her lucky charm around her neck. Her outfit consists of a red T-shirt depicting a Dragonair, which is covered by a near-sleeveless black and yellow cardigan. She also wears tracksuit buttoms of the previous colours, trainers, and many accessories with black and yellow.
Psychology: Timpani is one of those girls that never wants to give up. When her mind is set on something, she'll be determined to do it. She always tries to keep a smile on her face, and tries to stay brave and confident in the face of danger. Timpani is very kind, caring and helpful, and will always be there to help a friend in need.
Story: Timpani's Pokémon journey started off as any other. She lived in Hearthome City, so she was pretty good at contests from a young age. That was always her second profession. She got her starter Pokémon, a Pikachu, and set off in the Sinnoh region. She spent the first few days of her journey lost and confused, and was eventually seperated from her Pikachu. A few hours later, she found him, playing with... a Suicune?! Timpani was shocked, but the legendary fled before she could re-act. This sighting changed her, and she kept on looking for the Suicune. The idea of finding it again is what helping her raise a successful team (Although she would have done that anyway; her Pokémon were like family to her), beat all the gyms in Sinnoh and eventually defeat the Elite Four within a matter of years.

Unfortunately, the rate at which her team's strenght was growing gained some unwanted attention. Team Galactic captured the team, and sent them to the labs. Timpani, her Riolu and her Kirlia were locked up. When trying to break out, they accidently caused one of many machines to malfunction. One held the DNA of Kirlia, which caused some strange effects when Timpani came into contact with it. Despite that, they all managed to escape the Galactic's base without harm.

However, once realising being the Champion meant she wouldn't be able to stray far from her arena, she quit. It was soon after this she saw the Suicune again. Unfortunatly, she was dismayed to find out it was actually a transformed Ditto. However, since the Ditto had helped her in many ways throughout her journey, it became a member of the team. From there, they decided to explore new lands, and so they traveled to Haze's four islands to explore new lands. Little did they know that they too were chosen ones, and had more great adventures ahead of them.
Anything else: Because of the Galactic incident, Timpani has some small Psychic powers. She can understand what Pokémon say, and can speak their language. This has helped her strenghten the bond between her and her Pokémon.

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2 Re: Chosen Champion; Timpani! on Tue Jun 15, 2010 6:25 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
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