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The Village of Dreams [2 newest members start here?!]

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Defender of Chosen Ones
Defender of Chosen Ones
Ginter used to wonder why the called it the village of dreams. Now he saw it was a misunderstood statement. Sure you slept, but quickly it became the city of nightmares.

Banette, shadow ball!

Please, sir, mercy!

No, it's far too late for that!

Go Spiritomb, show them the true grace of a ghost pokemon.

Spiritomb took the hit, but of course, it was hardly hurt.

Yo, boss, we got some trouble makers on our hands. They are trying to protect our prey, how dare they?? Come show them your power, boss.

The boss came out, sent out several haunter, all of which were crushed by his lord ginter. As they fled Ginter wonder who they were, but only for a brief moment.

Alright villagers and travelers, you may come out.

Ginter hoped that the rumors were true..... he would soon see if they were.


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