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Laetitia, kindhearted pokemon

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1 Laetitia, kindhearted pokemon on Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:12 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
RP name: Laetitia

Specie: Latias

Physical difference: Shiny

Psychology(3 lines/5Legend): Laetitia loves to play. Everytime she can, she plays. She also loves to paint. She also likes meeting humans. One of her favorites hobbies is to turn invisible, go through her room's window, find a Galaxy grunt and then mock him. She thinks that they are goons and are just stupid to try and make Arnya they're place. She also likes to turn into a human form, but because she can't talk, she also have a notepad with her. She also like to go on adventures. She is also almost always happy and have a big heart

Story(10 lines/15Legend): Laetitia's egg was laid at the peek of Frigid Mountain. Before she hatched, Galactic came too the peek of the mountain so her parents took her egg and dropped it somewhere in Midnight forest. Laetitia have also a twin, who was dropped somewhere else. When she hatched, she was alone in Midnight Forest. She learned fast enough how to use her weird skin to turn invisible to hide from the couple of mean pokemon in the Forest. Two or three years later, she developed the skill to transform into other living beings. With that skill, she headed to Floria City transformed into a girl. She bought herself a room somewhere in the town, with some money found on the ground. She passed most of her time painting things or going to take walks to get some berries to eat later. Not a long time ago, she discovered that Team Galaxy was after her and that the girl living in the room next to hers,Trina, joined them to search her too. She had fun times with Trina and her pokemon, when they were shopping at the mall. She knew that Trina wasn't really wanting to be bad with her, she just wanted to see her true form. Recently, she went on a treasure hunt with Trina at Raza Lake. They found something weird that led them to a weird palace. After three tasks, Laetitia discovered that Trina was one of 17 chosen ones in a weird story. After making sure she could trust Trina, she shown her what she really was. They are now heading to the Shopping Mall to find a Pink spirit to save the world and deliver a weird Pearl Orb. Laetitia now doesn't have to hide her real identity to Trina so she's having less trouble.

Starting Region:Arnya

Anything else:As a Latias, Laetitia can turn invisible and transform. She can write and read human's language too.


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