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Heaven's End

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1 Heaven's End on Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:54 am


Nothing Achieved(New member)
It is time to end Blastia, my friend.

Aerodon (As Abyss called him) nodded. Twas long enough, though why does thy master of the skies torment the humans?

It is of great importance, Aerodon, they have the wealth right now, they also have something else that I need..... they would never give it to me without this plan either.

Tis true. Where does thy treasure lie? And where ist my younger sibling?

It is not of importance. Try to rid yourself of the old-tongue Aerodon, if you give the signal and I don't understand you then the treasure shall lie in a dungeon for an eternity.

Give me twelve minutes, that's all I need.

Abyss waited. He waited 700 seconds and was figured that Aerodon had stalled dramatically. At 720 seconds precisely, the grand Bridge of Blastia collapsed.

And by 1,467 seconds the King of all Blasita had been captured. The plan worked thus far..... but would the fish bite the bait??

Deep within the comforts of the city a certain team member watched as the bridge fell, fear was growing around him, he could feel it. Did his pokemon feel it as well? They were uneasy, unusual of such... odd pokemon. It seemed someone had plotted something. Why didn't that suprise him?

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