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The Epic Tale of Zeke

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1 The Epic Tale of Zeke on Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:06 am


Defender of Chosen Ones
Defender of Chosen Ones
Well............. Im not sure what this is for, but its midnight, no one is around on anything, so I will write a nice little story.

Zeke was finishing his last carpet when he heard a knock coming from his door. Figures, people ignore the sensible knocker and pound on the door with their bare fists.

Zeke took of his glasses, put down the nearly finished carpet, and walked toward the door. He opened it slowly, as if suspicious of who would be knocking at his doorv when the "Closed" sign was clearly hanging on the door.

Zeke opened the door and looked outside. At first he didn't see anything, there was no one at his door, but then he looked down, and lying on the friendly "Welcome" matt was a small woven basket. Zeke thought it looked similar to a basket design that he had seen in far away lands. He missed his traveling days, but perhaps a quiet life was more his style.

To be honest, Zeke didn't expect anything particually interesting to be in the basket. Zeke actually pondered the possibility that the basket was empty, and the basket itself was the gift. But, one can only ponder so long in the hot desert sun. He headed back inside.

Zeke knew if his friend, Charles, were here they would be placing bets on what was inside the basket. Those fur traders were always placing bets, no matter how stupid the thing that they were betting on was. Zeke could never understand why fur traders made so much money, Zeke didn't need any furs, robes suited him just fine. Zeke thought that furs were filthy anyway.

Zeke finally decided to look inside the finely woven basket. Inside it was a large brown stone. Perhaps it was copper? No it wasn't. Maybe painted Onyx? No. Zeke continued rambling on about possible stone types for awhile. Eventually he sat back down and finished his rug. Zeke examined it for a few more moments.

"This rug may be the most beautiful rug that I've ever made," Zeke annouced.

On the rug was a large red dragon flying off into a distant red and orange sunset. Zeke decided not to sell that rug. He had grown quite attached to it.

Zeke decided that even though he was not going to sell the rug, he would still put his name into the rug, as it was customary. He put his name right on the dragon's left wing. It didn't take very much magic power to do a simple spell like that. Even Zeke could do that much magic.

Just after finishing magically signing his name, Zeke began to hear a distant rumbling. He figured it was only thunder, and went to sleep.

On Zeke's porch lay a small note, which fell out of the woven basket. It read:

You will recieve this when the time is right.
Feel the power, feel the might.
When brown turns to purple, and purple to red.
Its time that it be fed.
Leave it to bask and grow in the light.

End of Part One. Hopefully you enjoyed the story....... probably won't finish it..


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