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Jespoke, The Fun Hunter

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1 Jespoke, The Fun Hunter on Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:59 pm


Stephie's Minion
RP name: Jespoke
Specie: Rotom
Physical difference: None
Psychology(3 lines): He is generally goodhearted, but he likes jokes and pulling pranks on others, with sometimes makes it look like he is evil. He is a good strategist, and mostly battles indirectly Fx. by freezing the floor as Freeze Rotom or bombarding the opponent with random things as Fan Rotom. He has dedicated his live on making people and pokemon laugh (especially on making himself laugh). The things he hates the most are people who wish to stop the world from being a funny place to live on, head-on combat and serious or sad situations(the last at times making him pretty disturbing.
Story(10 lines): Jespoke lived a lonely live in a old TV dumped at the abandoned power plant in arnya region. He lived there for a long time without anyone noticing. But then a day some freaks dressed in black came and Jespoke fled. Being used to loneliness, he wandered around in search or a place to live, he eventually reached Floria City, and was shocked by how many people and pokemons there lived there. After meeting some other pokemons, he decided to find some way to get some friends, and spotted something that he could use, a lawn mower standing on some newly mowed grass. He decided to borrow it to have some fun for the first time ever, by possessing the lawn mower to drive, seemingly by itself. This trick worked, but not to get friends with. Everyone was afraid of him, except of some brave trainers who started attacking him. It was a total failure, so he drove back to where he borrowed the lawn mower, put it there and fled. Later that night he was hiding in a refrigerator in a closed restaurant, when suddenly a burglar entered the room. While the burglar was emptying the restaurant of valuables, Jespoke got so mad that it unleashed a Blizzard from the refrigerator, freezing the burglar and at the same time activating the alarm. The owner of the restaurant came as fast as he could from his home nearby and saw the frozen burglar and the refrigerator with had turned orange with a face(something Jespoke still hadn’t seen) and thanked the refrigerator for helping him out and asking it if he could help it with something as thanks. Jespoke was surprised and happy, and possessed a computer to write about its journey up to now, and the restaurant owner showed him how it was supposed to use a refrigerator, a fan, a oven, a lawn mower and a washing machine, and gave him one of each before wishing him good luck and lots of fun with his new items, and Jespoke went out on his adventure to make sure he would get “lots of fun with his new items”.
Anything else: Can make its form-changing items levitate and follow him at will, and posses computers and similar things to write human language.

Pheew. That Background story became a whole novel!

Edit: Just for some clearness, the Psychology is what he has become like between the Story and now.

2 Re: Jespoke, The Fun Hunter on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:42 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Welcome to Pokemon Haze, hope you enjoy and have fun, don't forget to read rules.



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