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The First Chosen One, Trina!

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1 The First Chosen One, Trina! on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:24 pm


RP Name:Trina

Trainer Experience:Trina is some-sort of a beginner. She's good at treating Pokemon with love and care, but not that great at battling! Her caught Pokemon are a Piplup and Kirlia.

Physical Appearance:Trina has dark, black hair that might look gray to some people and has sparkling, green eyes that glisten in the moonlight. She usually wears a yellow or light pink dress and two pink hair clips to match. She doesn't like wearing hats much because of 'bed hair', but has an another outfit with a hat. (The outfit very well looks like Dawns in the anime.)

Psychology:Trina can act very immature at times and may get worried over useless things. She mostly never cries at things unless the memory is a very fond one. Her number one favorite thing other than Pokemon is shopping. She could be at the store for hours looking for clothes. In other words, Trina is a 'girly-girl'. She loves chatting and talking with other people, and is usually very kind and caring. Just don't get on her bad-side and you will be all right!

Story:Trina was born in a town called Jubilife. She begged her parents to let her go to Twinleaf town to get a Pokemon. They said no, but she did it anyways. Along the way, she met the Ralts that she always used to play with. She told the little Ralts that she would have to go and won't come back for a long time. The little Ralts wanted to come too, so she caught it. They went to Twinleaf, got a Piplup from Rowan. In 2 years she trained her Little Ralts to a Kirlia. Soon later, they began their journey in the new reigon. Trina bought an apartment in Floria City and also met a girl name Laetitia. She couldn't talk, but could write. Trina thought it was a little strange, but that didn't stop them from being best friends! They went on a mall trip and bought a lot of clothes. Soonly after, Team Galatic came and raided in the place! Trina tried to beat Cyrus, but lost. In the end, she joined Team Galatic, but only because she wanted to be an 'undercover' person. (Or, you could say, a "Traitor.") Trina knew about a shiny Latias and looked for it around a mountain. Unfortunately, she couldn't find it. She went back to Laetitia's home and ate berries. After they were back in shape, they went to Raza Lake on a treasure hunt. Once they found the part from the map, they were brought into this strange place. They got changed out of there bathing suits, and into these cute dresses. There were these spirits, and they wanted to see if Trina was the chosen one. Laetitia, Kirlia, Piplup, and Trina went and passed all the challenges. Once they got into the end, Laetitia revealed her true form, the Shiny Latias. Now, they are ready to bring an orb to a secret place at the Floria City Department mall!

Starting area:Arnya

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Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
ACCEPTED. I'm still trying to make my Bob story XD. Sol et's start that RP(and finish the forum)


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