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Was the ossumly ordinary Umbreon

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1 Was the ossumly ordinary Umbreon on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:55 am


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RP name: Was

Specie: Umbreon

Physical difference: None at all. Perfectly normal, healthy, male Umbreon.

Relatively silent and calm pokémon, not very inclined to fight, instead tries to retreat if possible. However, if forced to fight will defend his butt to his last breath. Stays away from human settlements, if he really has to move through, he will do it at night. Also has a tendency to clean himself very frequently.

Was lived in a forest, that is located in Arnya, free, with no fears. As all things, he too grew up and had to move away, and find himself his own life. Lest he be called a "wimp that lacks the courage to do anything." Thus he traveled the around region, and through a series of mildly amusing events, he found himself stuck in a crate which was being shipped to a small city in the region, when the truck arrived there, and the crate was opened, Was sprung out of the crate, sprinted out of the town, and ended up in a countryside that he did not recognize. Alone, and lost he wandered for some time. As the winter closed in, he continued to travel in search of a decently safe place, far away from trainers and such freedom-hating, brainwashing, pokémon-slaving people who would surely love to capture the poor Umbreon.

Anything else:Nothing special. Unless you count being perfectly normal with no psychic powers, not being possessed, etc. an unique trait.

2 Re: Was the ossumly ordinary Umbreon on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:23 am



Like, Welcome to the forums! Bob is on vacation so he won't be on much..feel free to ask any questions you have! So, you can post wherever in Arnya now!

(Haha take that Bob I acceped before youuu)


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