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Danie, the sweet adventurer!

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1 Danie, the sweet adventurer! on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:02 pm


Stephie's Minion
RP name: Danie Hej (He's just called Danie by friends)

Trainer expirience: None, just started. Beginner: Gastly, other Pokémon's: A fossil and a Ditto.

Physical appearance: He has blonde hair, big black eyes, long ears with a spike on the top and is small in height. He wears a long green shirt, brown boots, a green hat and a brown belt with a pokeball sign on it. On his back he wears a sword and a shield. He looks a little bit (or very much) like toon Link.

Psychology: Danie is always very helpful and will even sometimes help his enemies! He doesn't speak much (only if it's very important) and knows what his pokémon's are thinking. He hates people who are mean to other people or Pokémon. He has many friends, most in the nature.

Story: When Danie was young he was on tour with the world-famous S.S.Anne. At the S.S.Anne he was very alone, because he was the only child there. When the captain saw it he began teaching Danie to fight with a sword. Danie trained and trained and became better and better. Each day he was by the captain, training with his sword. When the S.S.Anne was finished cruising, he was sad. Now he couldn't train with the captain anymore. But as a remembering item, he gave Danie a sword and a shield. Danie was very happy Very Happy.
One day Danie was training with his sword in an old building, When suddenly the floor crashed under him! He fell down to the next floor, and fell through again! He fell once more, and only stopped when he came to the B2f. Here he laid on the floor, unable to move. When he had laid there for about 10 minutes he began to think: What if nobody finds me? What if i lay here till i die? ... 10 more minutes... and 10 more minutes... Suddenly he heard a sound! It sounded like a ghost!!! Danie became very frightened... and then suddenly a ghost appeared! It was a Gastly! And then the Gastly came closer and closer... And helped him to stand up! That ghost wasn't angry, it was just helpful! With thanks to the Gastly, he came to the entrance. But Gastly didn't like the light so it couldn't get with Danie. But Danie had an old Apricorn Ball so he could get Gastly with him. Later on he named the Gastly Ghosty and they became great friends.
When Danie was 16 years old he got a fossil from his father before he took to Floria City in Arnya region. There he caught a Ditto and named it Ditty.
And here the Story continues, in Pokémon Haze.

Anything Else: Nothing really Very Happy

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2 Re: Danie, the sweet adventurer! on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:08 pm


Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Getting the hang of it ADMIN
Can't find anything wrong, which means everything's fine, Welcome to Pokemon Haze, Have fun ,Respect the rules



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