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Jokes Thread

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1 Jokes Thread on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:39 am


Stephie's Minion
I just thought of someting funny, and decided to show you.

When the queen of England was in Denmark, the display inside the elevator she would use was overlaped by a sticker, because it says "In Speed", with in danish is spelled "I Fart"

A real story my teacher told me Laughing

Edit by Bob: The post under this one is deleted, due to double posting. Here is what was in this post:

One about a man shooting a bunny:

Man: Yesterday i shot a bunny with a gun on 100 meters
Man: couldn´t you just have hit it on its head with it then?
Man: No, i mean Yeterday i shot on 100 meters a bunny with a gun
Man: Good it didn´t shoot first
Man: No no no. I mean Yesterday i shot with a gun a bunny on 100 meters!
Man: That was a long bunny Shocked

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